About Traffic Master

We are very please to announce the newest version of Traffic Master! This software is a must for Music Artists, Video Designers and anyone wanting to stand out! Our software is #1 on the market for many reasons! Increase your views and plays on Myspace, YouTube, Myspace video and now any other website on the world wide web with our AnyURL feature! We understand how hard it is for upcoming bands to get noticed in the music business so we have designed a tool that will help you achieve your goals. Use our software today to increase your music or video plays in the ranking charts and get noticed by people on the internet looking for new music or videos! The higher you are ranked in the charts, the more opportunities you will have to get noticed and receive the credit you deserve.

Myspace Promotions

The Myspace play increaser feature will increase your plays and views on the new myspace player! This is key for artists, bands and disc jockey's to boost their music, profile views and video promotions. Increasing your plays not only attracts more visitors it boosts your chances of selling more music, it helps land key positions in the Myspace music charts. This whole cycle attracts more visitors who will be more curious to listen and purchase your music because of the higher play counts. Traffic Master is the original play increaser!

  • Increases profile views, song plays and video plays!
  • Climb the myspace charts!
  • Increases exposure which attracts new fans!
  • High play counts impress promoters which get you better gigs and higher pay!
  • FACT....Labels do look at traffic and penetration!

YouTube Promotions

Why stop at just Myspace? Traffic Master can also increase your video plays and views! Take your music video promotion to the next level with the easy to use YouTube feature. Gain even more response by linking your videos to your myspace profile. This will get crossover visitors!

AnyURL Feature

This feature can work wonders on increasing traffic to your blogs, websites or more! It can even give you plays on alternate media players if they are configured to start automatically on a visit!


Traffic Master v1.7

Other Software
Website Services
Cost Effective Solution
average fees are $14+ per 1000 plays/views!
Ability to give plays to Myspace Music, Video and Youtube services all at once
Has ability to relay through a network which can emulate over 10K+ unique visitors around the world.  

some offer this service
Monitor progress via web while your away!  
Ability to cycle a complete playlist of songs. Each song gets equal plays
Random time delay
Give plays/views anytime
Pick your songs or choose all
More features than any other automated play/view software
Emulates 500+ web browser types, operating systems and more to make each hit truly unique.
A++ Support
Free software updates!
with free updates!

Download FREE trial!
$14.95 for 1000 plays or $299 for 1 week of service.

Traffic Master Screenshots

Traffic Master 1.7 - Myspace Plays/Views Traffic Master 1.7 - Myspace Videos Traffic Master 1.7 - YouTube Plays/Views Traffic Master 1.7 - AnyURL

See Traffic Master in Action!

(note: this is from version 1.5 which lacks newest features)


"After looking very hard at various options I feel your Traffic Master software is hands down the best solution for managing play and visit numbers"
"I was skeptical at first on how your product could increase my plays and views and help me reach the myspace charts. After purchasing it I couldn't believe how easy and fast it was to use! Within 1 week of slowly increasing my play counts per day I made it into the top charts. To this day I am still in the charts! Thank you so much!!"
--Ryan S
"I was paying $14.95 a per 1000 plays through a competing website.. They did all the work and took my money. After I bought your product I can't believe how much money they were making from me and how much money I'm saving!!!!"
--Juniper Flats
"This software is the bomb... my youtube video now has 1000's of plays..."
--Jack W.
"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have always dreamed of being in the top charts! You made it happen!"
--Russel Thomas


Traffic Master Myspace plays Traffic Master YouTube video plays Myspace mp3 play increaser Traffic Master
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Have You wondered how all these other Artists Increase Myspace Plays and become a top Myspace Artist, Get more fans, get signed and high Myspace Plays?

The fact is Artists, Bands and DJ's use our Myspace Plays Promotion services to increase myspace plays and get Top Artists status. We have worked exclusivly with many Labels and now have opened our software services to the Independent artist! Myspace Plays Promotion is used to boost careers and get you signed and noticed by moving up the charts, gaining more fans, get more MySpace plays, and increase profile views. The strategy is simple... Get Myspace Plays, Then Fans and important Music Executives see this and then get discovered!

Traffic will increase Myspace plays and we suggest you do this slowly and Natural looking for any song or all songs you wish. Get more MySpace plays. In addition, to increasing song plays and mp3 plays! Traffic Master also features a profile view increaser, YouTube increaser and plays and now ANY blog or website your looking to increase traffic to.

Benefits include:
- Target Plays To All Songs or Specific Songs
- Obtain Higher Chart Rankings
- Attract New Fans, Promoters, Radio Stations, Record Labels etc
- Out-Rank The Competition Fast - We work 100% with the NEW Myspace&tm; Players!!
- Increase profile views on myspace
- Increase Myspace&tm; video plays
- Increase YouTube video views and plays

And Much more...

How can I get even more unique traffic for my promotions

We get this question a lot and thats why we offer the EZ Proxy product! This is a subscription which adds seamlessly onto Traffic Master allowing all your views and plays to route thought our servers world wide. We have private servers setup in all major countries including: Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Canada, China, Japan and many more!

If your music and career is important then it makes sense to use automated software to increase your chances!